About Me in a Few Words


My name is Natalia Carter.
So happy you stopped by here!

Why this blog?
I am concerned about our common future. I am concerned about the future of our children: my children, my neighbors’ children, your children.
I also believe in a better future for our children. I think it is possible to create that future when we do it together.
That is why I decided to start this blog.

I have been an environmentalist in my heart all my life even though I did not know that early on. I grew up in Russia and Ukraine. The place where I spent my childhood was nested in the woods. My Mom and Dad had a garden where we grew our own fruits and vegetables. My sister and I spent most of our free time outdoors. That is when I fell in love with Nature.

I came to the US to study in college and I got a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Environmental Studies. I got exposed to environmental problems that we, humans, and our common home, planet Earth, face. That is how I discovered my passion in life: to be part of the solution, not the cause, to environmental problems and help other people to do the same.

When my children were born, I discovered a whole new world of environmental problems that I was not aware of before like lead in those cute rubber duckies, BPA in toddler plates, parabens in baby lotion. I engulfed myself into hours and hours of research to avoid those toxic substances in my kids’ lives. That is when I started my journey to toxin-free living.

Having always been concerned about climate change and wanting to become part of the solution, I ventured into solar industry. Having learned so much about how energy from the sun works, I can tell with certainty that it does work. We, humans, have all the tools to combat climate change. That is how I became hopeful that things can and will change.

Now I want to share with you my experiences with the choices I have been making for the past 15 years to get my life more aligned with the Nature. It has not always been easy and I have made mistakes along the way and I am still learning. Over the years my life has become healthier, happier and I know I am making a difference for the better future of our children.
There is so much we can do together. Let’s work on building Our Beautiful Green Future one person, one family at a time!

Thank you for stopping by at this corner of world wide web. You are always welcome here!