My Invitation to You

Hi Friend,

Let’s get to know each other a little more.

Some Things I Believe:

I believe in Our Beautiful Green Future, where climate change is the worry of the past, where reusables rule the day, where solar panels on a home is the norm not the exception, where moms don’t have to be experts in toxicology because all the products on the market are truly safe, where we don’t have to dig plastic straws out of turtles’ bellies, where clean air and clean water are respected and recognized as basic human rights all over the world. 

There is no better time than now.

Healthy people = healthy Earth and, vice versa, healthy Earth = healthy people.

Living in harmony with Nature enhances our lives in every way possible: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Our society has all the answers to most pressing environmental problems. What we need is education and a will to make changes. 

We all have a super power to make a difference. Every time we make any purchasing decision (or don’t), we decide what and who we want to support: clean or dirty energy, disposables or reusables, plastic or stainless steel. Our choices determine the kind of future we want to create.  

I would rather invest in real organic high quality food now than in pharmaceutical industry later.

I believe in the future where people and nature thrive co-existing. All interconnected, all interdependent on each other. 

Living in harmony with nature also translates into living in harmony with yourself. All interconnected, all interdependent on each other. 

I believe in “enough”.

There is no such a thing as perfection on this journey. Progress is what matters!

We cannot do it alone. Only together we can change our culture.

We all need support of like-minded individuals on this journey to healthy, mindful, eco-conscious living.

Big change is made one small change at a time.

Being on this journey is not always easy but so worth it!

Living in Harmony with Nature is really the only way for us, humans, to live long term on this planet. 

Most importantly, I believe in YOU! You, reading this blog. I believe that you can make a huge difference in this world for yourself, for your children, for your parents, for your dog or cat, or for the polar bears, whatever or whoever gets you motivated to make a change towards Our Beautiful Green Future.

About YOU

You want to make healthy, eco-conscious choices for yourself and your children but life gets busy and you don’t have hours to research products and companies that are better for your kids and our planet.

You want to find a community of like-minded people with similar values.

You are new to this journey but want to find out if you can start making small changes in your lifestyle to feel better and breath easier. 

Or you have already de-toxified your home and ready to do more and are looking for some ideas on what to do next. 

You are somewhat worried about climate change and what it means for the future of your children and curious if you can do something about it. 

Or the thought of the consequences of climate change doesn’t let you sleep peacefully at night and you want to do your part and make a difference in saving the planet but don’t know where to start.

You are overwhelmed by the loads of information on environmental issues on social media, youtube, internet and not sure whom to believe and who is right. 

Wherever you are on your journey to a sustainable, mindful living, you are welcome here. 

I am inviting you to join me on this journey where we can make a difference together. I am excited to meet you and cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together building Our Beautiful Green Future. 

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